Sunday, August 14, 2011

About Broken Cookies

Today is first day we begin to share our journey with all of you. Like many people, we have inner struggles that we deal with on a daily basis. For us, this inner struggle is also an outer struggle and we battle emotional eating, nonexistant unhealthy exercise habits, and busy schedules that don't always mesh well with a healthy lifestyle.  This blog is our way to be held accountable to ourselves, to each other, and to those we care about as we continue to make changes.

How it all began...
We have been friends for 18 years (yes, we are old and damn do we feel it!) and have a long history together. Without getting into the boring details, we went from high school friends to sisters-in-law and consider ourselves sisters for life no matter what. Part of being sisters is being there when one of us (or both of us) struggle. We have come to a point in both of our lives that we rely on each other to lose weight and get healthy. This is a change that affects our personal, family, and professional lives on some level and we have taken the steps to make it happen. Both us have been emailing, texting, call, messages by pigeon, etc to encourage, motivate, cry, or use tough love to get the other moving and into the gym or eating better.  These emails are the inspiration for this blog.

What To Expect...
We have committed to each other to make a post daily continuing the email tradition but using the Blogger platform. There will also be some other posts of things we find interesting, funny, or some times "just because." Hopefully this will give you some insight into our lives or maybe be an encouragement to someone. We are not trying to be famous bloggers but want to find a way to be accountable to a larger audience, like our family and friends, and hopefully inspire and encourage other who may share our struggle. We realize this is a lengthy process and recognize that blogging every day wont shed the pounds away. However, some times its nice to have an outlet that makes the daily grind a little more palatable while working towards a happy ending.

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  1. Can't really say that I'm into the whole "exercise" thing.... not that I shouldn't be :) But I will follow your blog because the two of you are absolutely hilarious....