Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dear Amber,

Fitday is an awesome idea! I forgot completely about it until you mentioned it - so, I logged in and realized I haven't logged i since January of this year! That's both good news and bad news... the good news is I weigh the exact same today as I did on 1/17/2011. The bad news is... I WEIGH EXACTLY THE SAME AS I DID ON 1/17/2011!  I would probably be really pissed off except for the fact that I haven't been doing nearly what I should to make this work. I think I have trolls that go to the store with me and throw shit in my cart. For instance, take my son with me to the store and I swear, he asked for something on every single aisle. I did really good at telling him no, but I also understand that he gets home from school and is starving so I do buy convenience foods for him to eat like pizza rolls, mac-n-cheese, etc. Anyway, so I get home and unpack the groceries and find "OREO Blizzard Cookies," and Mt. Dew (which is safe because it tastes disgusting) among the everything else. I'm going to have to not take him to the store with me anymore.

Anyway, I cleaned like a mad woman today and forced all the minions in my kingdom to comply with my demands. It was awesome. :o) I feel good today and got a lot accomplished. I'm ready to rock-n-roll this week and plan on the gym at least 3 times then Ill be down for at least a week and then back again.

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