Monday, August 15, 2011


Dear Amber,

Remember that time when we talked about how no matter what we would never rat each other out if we had to bury bodies? Now may be one of those times... I love my husband dearly (most days) but dude - the man is about two sentences away from becoming dog meat. Allow me to share for a moment the joy that comes to waking up next to my husband. I was laying in bed this morning and was not feeling well. My stomach was hurting and I just wanted to stay in bed. He rolls over to "remind me" that my alarm went off which was kinda-sorta a nice thing to do - but then he reaches around to cuddle and says "what is this?" And I'm like "what is what?" He says "Is that a THIRD BOOB?" What... the... hell ... dude. Apparently the tube top swim cover-up I was sleeping in (don't judge, its comfy) kinda slipped down cutting one boob in half and thus resulting in a "third boob." I promptly told him to stop being stupid and go away. Do you think he did? No - he decides to grab his cell phone and start playing his "chewbaca" ring tone. I was so mad I think I actually made up new cuss words. Ugh - and to think that was just the beginning of my day.

After all the fun this morning I went to the doctor to follow up about my gallbladder. Apparently, the gallbladder is angry and needs to come out. I meet with the surgeon tomorrow - I hope he's hot :o) The best part of the day was when I stopped by McDonald's to bid farewell to my gallbladder. I figured I would send it out with a bang!! Oh, and thank you for making me feel better about eating poorly by telling me on the phone Ill probably "feel like crapping myself" later after eating McDonald's. That was a bright spot in my day. I worked all day, ate like crap, then felt like crap, worked some more, and then my mom made hamburgers (George Foreman all the way baby!) for dinner.  They were uber tasty. I'm going to try and do better tomorrow - I'm in a lot of pain which I know is partially because I'm torturing my gallbladder with shitty food. On a complete side note - I hate the word "gallbladder." I think I'm going to name it something other that gallbladder. Maybe something like "G-Money" ... Ill get back to you on that one. Let me know if you have any ideas.

Ok, that's all for now - Ive taken some Ibuprofen PM which should kick in any moment *crickets*

MISS YOU!! Oh, and here's a little something - I don't know if it falls into motivation category but its fitting for the day I've had.

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