Thursday, August 18, 2011

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Im bored and wanted to laugh... so I spent time on YouTube and Ill post more later. And for the record, the videos are exercise related :o)

This is what I wish I could look at during my work out... I would enjoy it so much better and porbably go more often! Ha!
And this is just funny because farting at innapropriate time (when done by someone else of course) is hilarious.

The following is from If you ever need a true belly laugh this is the place to go. Seriously, I laugh so hard I cry. I have had some EPIC FAILURES with autocorrect...


  1. pretty sure this post is wildly inappropriate on a weight loss blog but sure did give me a laugh! ha! damnyouautocorrect is one of the funniest sites ever. love ya girlie!!!

  2. LOL! I was laughing out loud, which I really needed!