Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flawed Logic and Other Fun Stuff

Dear Amber,

Its been an odd day - I'm actually feeling a little better today. The pain hasnt been as bad as it has been the last couple of days which Im greatful for. Here's the problem: I'm finding it hard to eat well because I want my gallbladder (to be referred to as "g-money" from now on) to have the best last 13 days if its young life. Yes, I agree this is flawed logic. I have been on the go most of the day and Ive been sweating like a cheap whore so I figure I have burned calories today just from work. Did that last sentence make sense or did I totally just make it sound like I work as a hooker? Ponder that and let me know. Anyway, I ate a potato and egg taquito from a taco truck for breakfast, lots of water today, and then I ate Panda Express for dinner (it was kind gross though). Oh crap - I also ate my mom's peach cobbler. Dude, it was so good I just wish I could swim in it.

I have been working so much the lat two weeks. I have almost 40 cases on my workload and it just grows by the day. Some of these cases are so intense and the people are flaky so it takes FOREVER to make progress. I didnt get home until 9:00 tonight and Ill be back at it bright and early tomorrow. The good news is Im taking two weeks off to get rid of g-money. Knowing me, Ill probably still be working the whole two weeks (Im a workaholic and a food-a-holic). That will probably be the last time off I take for the rest of the year. I may squeeze in some time around the holidays and of course for your graduation but other than that it'll be work work work! Surely you didnt expect anything else right? :o)

Im proud of you for being so good today!!! Ill be back to the gym this weekend and then right up until my surgery. Doc said there is no reason to not exercise unless it hurts, which it hasnt before so Im hoping maybe it wont now.

Keep up the good work and Ill be catching up in no time!

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  1. Hi girls! I love this blog and also want you to know that I'm checking it so keep on being good girls and eating right and exercising. Jules..I'm completely ignoring the breakfast from a taco truck comment :) You guys are awesome and this is such a great idea. I'm cheering for you both!