Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Not knocked up

Dear Julie,
I'm so sorry I bailed on you yesterday on both the blog and any sort of attempt at eating and exercising correctly. That darn semi truck that keeps running me over and tearing my life apart at the seams made yet another appearance yesterday and knocked me down all over again. But like I told you yesterday, better knocked down then knocked up! I got that wonderful bit of bad news (the semi truck news - I'm NOT knocked up I SWEAR!) right in the middle of my skills fair - you know- the one where I have to successfully perform randomly chosen skills in front of instructors that intimidate the hell out of me so I can continue into this semester? Yeah, well I did fine on the first one, then got the text, and then had to turn around and do my second skill (putting down a nasogastric tube just in case you're curious) with tears streaming down my face. So much darkness. My instructor was awesome however, even said a prayer with me afterwards. At least we know that I can perform skills under pressure...and copious amounts of snot... Did not fare so well in my math test. For the first time EVER, I have to repeat a test. You know who this is getting blamed on, yes? After my wonderful news, I apparently forgot the importance of rounding only to the tenth place on certain problems and also the importance of leaving off a "trailing zero". I am NOT pleased about this. 
Just to make my day more fun, I also went to the doctor. I did get a baseline weight so I can start weighing in. No I still will not divulge it on here. If you're really curious, after I start losing weight and announce my new weight alongside my total lost, you're welcome to do the math and figure it out. :) Or cause you and I really have no secrets, you can call me and I'll tell you what it is as long as you promise not to tell anyone else!! She also told me that I have the ear canals of a 70lb person (which quite obviously, I am not) and that is why they keep getting clogged all the time. Which is such a stupid problem to have. I mean, really? She said I should just plan on having them preventively (is that a word?) cleaned out about 3 times a year so that I don't have to deal with them getting so clogged with disgusting wax that I can't hear out of one of them. Ridiculous. Then she yelled at me for stopping my synthroid, gave me a couple new scrips and sent me on my way. 
On to the good news, I have done my couch to 5k run for the day. 30 mins on week 3. And I ate green grapes and peanuts for lunch. I really really wanted to continue to feel sorry for myself and get something bad for me while I was out earlier. But then I made myself stop and think about how I would feel AFTER I ate it. And what I could do instead that would make me feel good and proud of myself. And that was enough (at least today) to make me go home and do it right. You may hold your applause until later in the week ;)
So... you will shortly be getting a text informing you that this is ready for you to read (we need to figure out if they have some sort of alert system) and telling you that I expect to hear that you're heading to the gym after work!!!
Love ya, miss ya, proud of ya!

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