Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm here

Dear Julie,
I swear I haven't fallen off the earth. I'll say two words about where I've been- NURSING SCHOOL. Yeah, kinda got ran over by that train.

Here's a quick recap of what I failed (that's right- I award myself an F for failure to keep up my emails and encouragement to you- bad me) to blog about this week. I made some fantastic progress this week on late night snacking!! Holy cow-I'm afraid to say this out loud but I think I just might, possibly, maybe have in a small way, gotten past that problem! Well, not past as in will never do it again, but past as in, I'm not snacking most nights. ;) I am eating a LOT of Sonic ice. Helps with the munchies. As far as the rest of the meals, I did pretty well. Not super great, not super bad. I'm doing that thing that doctors and fitness people everywhere tell you absolutely not to do- I'm skipping meals. I know! Ah! Here's what I say to them all- screw it - it works! I actually did eat pretty well when I did eat. As for exercise, well that's where the school interfered for me this week. I got some in- no worries there. Also, pretty sure I'm totally counting the clinical hours of running off my feet the whole time as my exercise for those two days. I think I got in 3 times of actual "exercise" this week. But! One of those times included a 3 mile walk with a friend in the blazing heat I might add. Which was encouraging because I didn't pass out and die on the side of road and I only begged her one time to go get the car and come back and get me. :) What? She knew I wasn't serious... really, I wasn't. Now, when I pulled up to a drive through after and gasped out "water, for the love of God, water" I WAS serious. Very serious.
So, enjoy your third to last week of me leaving you alone about exercise and eating because that gallbladder is coming out and then you'll be hearing my annoying voice yelling at you all the way from Missouri!
Oh btw- Adam totally told me I looked like I'd lost weight today- woo hoo! It's working!!!

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