Sunday, August 21, 2011


Dear Julie,
I started using today. It worked really well for me last time. I put in a goal weight loss of just over one hundred pounds. I put a goal date of January 2013. I feel motivated to step up the diet process. So far today I've eaten a carnation instant breakfast and a teriyaki chicken breast (yum!) for lunch. I had a few tablespoons of coconut out as a snack but my dumb cat was wolfing it down when I came back into the room! Stupid cat...
I also got out this morning and jogged/walked outside for about 30 mins. I'd like to start putting jogging and walking outside in the exercise rotation because it is so much more difficult than a treadmill. At least it is to me. Of course, where we live currently is almost all hills... which should provide some excellent training! And now that it is only 99 degrees outside instead of 1,000 perhaps it will be more pleasant to do it out there. 
Nothing much else is going on today. I'm feeling blah and a little downhearted. Blech. I hope your day is better than mine and that you make good choices today!!! 

Here's your motivation for today- works for me ....sometimes...   :) 

"Nothing tastes as good as thin feels."

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