Friday, August 19, 2011

Berries make a sad substitute for ice cream

Dear Julie,
I thought you might like to know that I am currently eating frozen berries for a nighttime snack. I am doing this in an effort to bust that late night snack that is freaking killing me on the weight loss front. KILLING ME!!! Right now, what I'd like to eat is ice cream washed down with some candy. Instead, I am taking a positive step and having berries which I might add, include raspberries which are very sour and make my face go all scrunched up.
Not much else to report today- retook my math test which I'm still mad about. Turns out about 4 of the top students in the class (including yours truly) had to retake this particular test. What's up with that? Well, anyways, it made me feel better to be in their company. I still felt like I should have turned in some sort of explanation letter for my failure to only miss one on the first try. Turns out I hate failing. Never knew that did ya? :)
I have so much to do the next two days for school. I guess it also turns out that I am fantastic at procrastinating....
Blog asap- I need to hear from you!!!

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