Friday, August 19, 2011

Berries are for the Birds

Dear Amber,

First, I'm still having a hard time forgiving you for ignoring "G-money." My organs have feelings too ya know. Second, if I cant eat tacos from an "eew-that's-gross-you-might-get-worms-in-your-brain-taco-truck" then I veto raspberries; unless, of course, they are frozen with some tequila (can I get an amen?!). I've done better today because quite frankly I cant really eat much without agonizing pain and discomfort. So, I guess that's progress :o)

I think I have found a walking buddy which will be nice. I enjoy the gym, but the fresh air is nice when its not 5 million degrees outside - so maybe by December it should cool off!

Other than that Ive had an uneventful day. I didn't go to work and tried to just rest - the belly ache has worn me out. I felt more human today than I have in a couple of weeks. Josh had his "Into the Woods" performance tonight which was AMAZEBALLS! I just love that kid to pieces... too bad he thinks I'm entirely uncool and know nothing about being a teenager. Unfortunately for him I know way TOO much about being a teenager and all the fun troubles they can find which is why I'm in his face all the time. And to think I want more kids...

School starts Monday (yay - sorta) and I'm back on the gym routine for a week then off for two and then on again! If I don't start now Ill never start - its too easy to say "eh, maybe tomorrow." Going to the gym is a mental game for me that I lose most of the time.  I think you may need to start riding my ass again about that. Seemed to work well last time.

Go eat your nasty berries... Ill drink the tequila for you over here! :o)

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  1. I wasn't ignoring your gallbladder...just refusing to call it by that name. :) I'm sorry for all the pain- boo pain. I should totally mash up those berries (no one really needs to know what else I put in them as long as its low calorie, which is vodka right?)and freeze them. that would be way yummier! well, mostly it would just look more like ice cream....I wish I had been able to see Josh's performance. I hate living apart! And yes, I will call you and hound you at all hours if you don't get on target asap!!! love ya my friend. Amber