Thursday, August 18, 2011

Having a blog with you is fun

Dear Julie,
First of all, I refuse to refer to your gallbladder as "g-money". I'm pretty sure they would refuse me my diploma if my instructors heard me say that. :) Second of all, you are getting a mighty HUGE pass til your (say it with me) gallbladder is taken out and you are able to eat and exercise correctly. Thirdly, I'm still confused about whether you or not you were actually out whoring yesterday. Now I know that particular activity might in fact burn some calories but I'm pretty sure we discussed the fact that the weight loss must occur in a HEALTHY way. Fourthly (is that a word?), I'm ignoring the taco truck part because it makes me want to vomit. And last of all, does your husband know you're looking up videos of Marines on youtube? :)

My day went well-I ate half a chipotle turkey wrap for lunch and it was one of those really healthy ones with disgusting things like tomatoes in it. :) It was actually quite tasty so congrats to me both for trying something new (as you know, I don't like "new") and also for stopping after half instead of inhaling all of it then the bag of chips as well. I also choose regular tea over sweet tea TWICE (I know, right?) and one of those times it was McAllisters tea so you know that was hard! AND that time I was with my husband ex-husband well whatever he is, so you know the stress was on big time and I really wanted that sweet tea! Dinner was a half serving of yummy chicken  enchiladas so I'm calling this day a success. Oh, I did work out as well but walked this one due to that weird thing in my rear that almost makes my leg collapse out from under me. Gotta love that.

Seriously, girl, I love ya but you better get back on track with me or I will walk myself all the way down there (that would be my exercise for like a month) and kick your butt into gear myself!! No more taco trucks!!! Taco trucks = BAD!!!

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