Thursday, September 1, 2011

No title

Yeah my brain is tired today and I have no title. You can always tell when my imagination is at an all time low when I just go with "no title" as my title.
Anyways! I'm glad to hear you rid yourself of that slacker gallbladder. I'm also impressed both by your grasp of anatomy and your ability to think of cute names for your internal organs!
So, as we discussed a few days ago, I'm adjusting to changes from school that kinda have messed up my whole system. My exercise and eating system - unlike you my digestive system is just fine. (I sincerely hope you successfully move your bowels tonight btw. I'm really good at asking people about their poop now so if you need to share the details with anyone, well you know who to call). And I also have been contemplating a little change to my exercise regime. This is occurring because I'm rather dismayed at how much easier I find it to run on the treadmill then I do on actual pavement. As my ultimate goal is to be able to walk out the door, head down the street and just easily run a few miles as both exercise and stress relief.... I decided to concentrate more on the outside exercise. So, as it gets nicer and nicer outside, I'll be alternating between very small sad little runs and lots of good solid quick walking up and down the crazy hills out here. When I can't go outside, I'll stick with week 3 of the couch to 5k program until I am able to move up my speed a few times then I'll move on in that program. I also still intend to sign up for a 5k in Oct/early November, but I will probably (just being honest and realistic here) be mostly walking that one. BUT!!! I'm ok with that because that's how my whole weight loss and running for pleasure and exercise started last time when I was so successful and lost so much weight. (wish I'd never let myself slip out of that! bygones..) I walked 2 miles with my friend (the one that tried to kill me last week) again today and was able to do that easily so I'm feeling like if I can keep up this plan and continuously do better and better that I might actually accomplish my goals!!! Speaking of accomplishing my goals, it hit home a few days ago (honestly about something else, I just applied to this as well) that I am much stronger than I give myself credit for. I have defeated my own self in the past by thinking I am not strong enough to overcome this. And I know now that I am. People that don't struggle with eating, I don't think realize the extent of the messed-up-ness that goes on in your head with this issue. It sounds so stupid when put into words, but when it comes to eating, the compulsion to eat is so strong that you literally feel like you aren't strong enough to say no to your own head. I know I have a choice, but making that choice has a lot of times seemed impossible to make. I'm learning through present circumstances, that I AM strong enough to choose to be healthy!!! And I'm learning that it's worth it. :) 
love ya girl- get better so we can get back to our everyday emails and get focus back. We have a lot of work to do!

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