Saturday, September 3, 2011


Dear Amber ~

First of all, I miss your face and I think it may be time to plan a weekender. There has to be somewhere we can meet that isn't terribly expensive that we can just have girl time for a weekend. Lets ponder that and see what we can come up with. Don't you get a fall break in there somewhere?

Second, I'm feeling better today and have "unofficially" lost 10lbs post surgery. I wont know for sure until I see the doctor in another 10 days. But according to my scale, Ive lost it. Unfortunately, most of it has been because I haven't been eating much and when I do, quite frankly, its doesn't stay around long if ya know what I mean. I do well eating fruits and veggies and oatmeal was great this morning too courtesy of my mom (who, by the way, decided to leave me this morning and head back your way). The doctor said every person is different and their body reacts differently to the surgery - I'm thinking mine is staging an uprising. Its only been 5 days, so Ill pretend try to be patient.

OK, so enough about G-Money .... I have something so exciting to share with you!!! Now, you may have already seen this on Facebook, but I have found an AMAZEBALLS website! I love this website. I'm trying to stay low carb but also stick to a "clean" food regimine. This website offers crockpot recipes that use low calorie, and often clean food, alternatives to traditional crock pot recipes! I have two crockpots sitting under my cabinet that are begging to be used and this just may be the answer. And for you it would be awesome with your school schedule because dinner can be ready (or close to it) by the time you get home. Dinner is always where I struggle because I'm always SUPER hungry when I get home and I tend to cave into the "Ill just grab something" mentality. The trick for me is to get the grumpy teenager to find something he will eat which could be a blog in and of itself. Good Times.

Anyway, check out the website and also "like" them on facebook which has other recipes too. I'm going to start collecting recipes, trying them, and then Ill add them to this hand dandy blog thingy we have going on here :o)

Let me know if you find a recipe you like and Ill make it first - I'm off all next week so I'll have time to cook and experiment!

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