Monday, September 5, 2011

New Week - New Motivation

Dear Julie~
I miss you too :( :( Maybe we can figure out a way to meet halfway. Hang on one sec...ok looked at my calender... I see no fall break on here. I guess 4th semester students don't get a break from the GRINDING PRESSURE!!! ..... wow sorry. Not sure where that came from. Anywho.... until October the 9th, I have Thursday and Fridays off from school and no job in sight as of yet... so maybe I could get mom to pick up kiddo some Friday and we can meet somewhere? Let me know whatcha think. Also, long promised graduation date- I'm scared to even put this on paper lest I jinx myself.... is Dec. 15th (odd number!!!! ack- is that a bad sign? no... not a bad sign... calm down... its just an odd number...) at 7pm. 
Ok back to new week- new motivation. I walked this morning in the beautiful fall like temperatures. I think  I walked a little over a mile on these treacherous hills. They really get my heart rate up and pumping. Its kinda fun cause I know all the A and P (we're going over cardiac stuff right now) so I can be a total nerd and figure out exactly what is happening in my arteries and heart, etc. I know. You don't have to say it. 
I was not so good this weekend. Kinda fell off the wagon some. Nothing terrible- I didn't like go out and eat an entire cake or anything. Just didn't really make wise choices. And ugh- I felt yucky and gross. So I have new motivation to do better and better. I have my yummy taco shredded chicken all made up which I can eat with no carbs and only some cheese as the fat for dinner today. I ate some homemade granola for breakfast. And I will have some greek yogurt for lunch. Which is yummy and way full of protein!! Bonus!!! 
I can definitely tell I am losing weight. I haven't been to the doctor to weigh in yet but the clothes are fitting looser and I can tell in my face. Woo hoo! If that's not movitation, I don't know what is! 

Love ya, miss ya, do good today!!!!!! You are officially off the gallbladder excuse so I expect good things this week! Oh and congrats on the post-surgical weight loss. TOTALLY cheating, but whatever. I'm not jealous at all. I swear :)

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