Thursday, September 8, 2011

Accountability time

Dear Julie,
"Our names are Julie and Amber. We are food-aholics. And we have failed in our quest to keep up our blog as we promised to ourselves and the world."
Now's the time when we both pledge to do BETTER!!!!  We are absolutely NOT getting off track here and falling off the wagon for good. I'm yelling at myself more than you because you've just had surgery. ;) And really I haven't done all that badly with either my exercise or my eating- its just not progressing to that next level that I need to get to. I'm following the rules I've laid out for myself pretty well but in a lazy, "whatever" kind of way instead of a "this is an awesome thing that is going to make my life better in every single way and I can't wait to get going and see fantastic results!!" kind've way. And I miss that excitement. So, you are officially on notice that I will be texting and calling you everyday to check up on you. And I need you to call and kick me in the butt that is not getting smaller as fast as it should be because I'm allowing school and various other excuses to creep in and mess up my motivation. Tomorrow's post from me will contain my list of reasons that you and I have already shared but that I quite obviously need to have in my face again. 
For the record, I ate pretty well last few days and today- taco chicken for lunch and granola for dinner. And I got out and walked my mile this evening. It felt pretty good tonight- the weather was beautiful. I think I'm ready to either add in some running or to add in another half mile to my route. Can't decide which. I'll decide by tomorrow and let you know along with my reasons. Actually, I just decided. I'll add in some running because I really like the running. And I'll add in one small side street to get some additional distance in. 

Here's your motivation for the day~
"Do or do not. There is no try." ~ Jedi Master Yoda

We've chosen to do. It was a good choice. Now let's get that follow through back, get our enthusiasm back, and get the rest of our lives started!!!

Love ya girl- miss your face. Call me tomorrow. Eat good, get out and walk if your poor gut will let you. 

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